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Squid Challenge


About Squid Challenge

Squid Challenge Game is an online game in which you compete to see who can survive the longest in what promises to be a tense battle between life and death.

Survival Squid video games are coming to be a fact in the modern-day world. In situation of triumph, the very best one obtains a prize money as well as acknowledgment. Numerous mobile video games have been developed on the subject of survival, where each player evaluated fate, endurance, as well as their very own health. 

Your sole objective in the action game Squid Challenge, which is based on the South Korean thriller series Squid Game, is to make it through all of the challenges without being eliminated.

In this game of survival, you will have to complete a variety of challenges in order to keep yourself alive while also filling the enormous piggy bank. Stay alive while playing dangerous versions of classic children's games such as "Red Light, Green Light," "The Marble Game," and "Tug of War." This action game will become increasingly difficult to survive with each subsequent round.

How to Participate in the Squid Challenge
Take part in the competitions from the show, but watch your step so you don't get eliminated. At the beginning of each new game, the instructions will be displayed on the screen for you to read.

How to play

  • LEFT CLICK and SWIPE to run and throw marbles.
  • LEFT CLICK and HOLD to trace the lines, pull the rope.
  • LEFT CLICK to aim and jump.

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