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Top Speed Racing 3D


About Top Speed Racing 3D

Participating in Top Speed Racing 3D will allow you to compete in the most challenging and treacherous race in history. Your abilities will be put to the test on levels that are impossibly challenging and filled with insurmountable obstacles. Demonstrate your prowess as a racer by performing some impressive stunts.

You can also participate in the event to increase the amount of money you earn. However, you can still reveal aspects of your character by customizing the race car in some way. The game is absolutely free to play, and it includes everything from selecting a race car to playing in races and performing stunts, as well as personalizing the car and making modifications to it. Start playing right now to feel the excitement of world-class racing!

Tips to play:

Complete the events
Drive about the city looking for activities to compete in. You can participate in a variety of challenging events ranging from parkour to drifting. You will win money if you successfully complete a track.

Improve your vehicle
You can spend that money to extensively personalize your vehicle, from performance tuning in the upgrade menu to completely redoing your car's style and camber. You can, for example, add tinted windows, vinyl, and a variety of other cosmetic changes.

How to play

  • Press the WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Press the space bar to use a handbrake

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